Save Park of Nature Stara Planina

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The Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted Decree of mountain tourism development program in the area of Stara Planina Mountain (Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia: No. 85/2007) in September 2007. That led to violation of at least 6 Serbian laws and decrees and more than 10 international conventions on nature protection that Serbia signed and ratified and has an obligation to obey them! This Decree opens a path to degradation of the most valuable habitats and landscapes of the Nature Park Stara planina – the biggest protected area of Serbia. The Stara Planina Mountain is one of the most important areas in Europe in terms of plant diversity (at least 1742 species and subspecies on 115000 ha), with 160 local and regional endemic species and subspecies. Many of those plant species are on the European Red List, World Red List, Serbian Red List, CITES list, IUCN list of threatened species, Bern Convention and are protected in various ways by the national legislature. There is also 205 bird species, 60 mammal species, 134 butterfly species, 26 fish species, 18 species of amphibians and reptiles and many of them are protected by various international and national legislations and conventions. Beside enormous irreversible damage over fragile ecosystems, Decree of Mountain tourism development program on Mt. Stara planina will cost citizens of Serbia 56.700.000,00 Euros only during 2008. Mentioned funds will be invested in ski infrastructure of the planned ski-resort. Such public money spending is based on superficially conducted analysis and without participation of local communities in designing their own development. Also, project is considered as absolutely unsustainable and economicaly ungrateful due to the climate changes, terrain characteristics and great competition in the region. The implementation of this Governmental
program would have as a final result only severe degradation and loss of the Serbian, European and World biodiversity, and therefore it is our moral obligation to stop this attempt of our Government and the „ski lobby“
If You share our concerns and our decision to STOP this illegal act of nature destruction, we appeal to You to support and SIGN OUR PETITION
( and demand the Decree of mountain tourism development program in the Stara Planina Mountain to be put out of force.

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